Aphios Sponsors Prostate Cancer Awareness; Launches SuperCool Palmetto
October 04, 2011
Woburn, MA— Woburn-based biotechnology company Aphios® Corporation is raising awareness of Prostate Cancer Month by participating in a special CBS "What's In Store" segment that will be aired on WSBK-TV on October 5th at 10:35 p.m. and again on October 8th at 11:35 p.m. on its sister station, WBZ-TV. In conjunction with this segment, Aphios is pleased to announce the launch of its locally manufactured SuperCool™ Palmetto product, an all-natural saw palmetto supplement, grown and manufactured entirely in the USA, for maintaining healthy prostate and hair follicles.*

"SuperCool™ Palmetto is a patented, highly standardized extract of Saw Palmetto berries that are indigenous to southern Florida," says Dr. Trevor P. Castor, President and CEO of Aphios®, which produces the SuperCool™ Health pipeline of quality-of-life nutraceuticals, including its flagship product SuperCool™ Gingerol. "We standardized the Saw Palmetto extract to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down testosterone."

Aphios sources high quality, wild harvested berries from suppliers such as the Saw Palmetto Berries Co-Op of Florida in Naples. Then, the berries are washed, sterilized and ground into a powder.

"We use SuperFluids™ manufacturing technology to extract the biologically active ingredients," Dr. Castor continues. "After characterization and qualification of the extract, we proceed to the next step of formulation and encapsulation with a premier contract research organization such as Capsugel, an ex-Pfizer unit."

"All men can benefit from our SuperCool™ Palmetto supplement to ensure the healthy prostate function," Dr. Castor explains. "Our SuperCool™ Palmetto product is made from wild-harvested saw palmetto utilizing patented SuperFluids™ carbon dioxide technology that is environmentally friendly. The product is free from toxic organic solvents, pesticides and herbicides. It's all natural and contains antioxidants to improve stability and emulsifiers for improved efficacy."

The company further plans to conduct clinical trials on SuperCool™ Palmetto to establish safety and efficacy for benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlarged prostate, and alopecia or male pattern baldness.

SuperCool™ Palmetto is available to the consumer thorough Aphios' Internet store.

For more information about Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, visit CBS Boston.

In addition to producing herbal supplements that improve quality of life, Aphios updates its SuperCool™ Health Facebook Page and Twitter news feed daily with valuable health and wellness news stories and insights from Dr. Castor on important health issues.

Aphios® Corporation is a green biotechnology company developing enabling technology platforms for improved drug discovery and manufacturing, nanotechnology drug delivery and pathogenic drug safety. Based on these platforms, Aphios is developing enhanced therapeutic products for health maintenance, disease prevention and the treatment of certain cancers, infectious diseases and central nervous system disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.