Enhanced Therapeutic Products Overview

Developing Natural Solutions for Human Health

We are developing enhanced therapeutics for treating cancers and their side effects, infectious diseases such as HIV and Influenza, and CNS disorders. We also manufacture quality-of-life medicines for health maintenance, research chemicals for standards, APIs for pharmaceuticals and equipment for our enabling technology platforms.Over two decades (1981-2002) and covering all diseases, countries and sources, 52% of the 1,031 new molecular entities (NMEs), 60% of anticancer drugs and 68.5% of anti-infectives approved by regulatory authorities were based on natural products isolated from terrestrial plants and microorganisms.

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We source the next generation of enhanced therapeutics from tropical rainforests to temperate woods, deep sea environments such as the hydrothermal vents, and from the plant and animal kingdoms. Utilizing our enabling technology platforms, we are developing enhanced therapeutics for:


We will co-develop our leads with commercial partners and/or utilize our enabling technology platforms and drug development strategies to develop your enhanced therapeutics. We also manufacture and will provide for your development:


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