Research Chemicals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

We isolate and manufacture complex natural molecules as research chemicals on the microgram to milligram scale, and as active pharmaceutical ingredients on the gram to kilogram scale. We manufacture these chemicals from diverse, renewable biomass sources of terrestrial plants and marine organisms utilizing environmentally friendly SuperFluids™ extraction and purification methods as well as conventional manufacturing techniques.

We can provide you with any of the specialized chemicals in the table below. You can get further information on each product by following the hyperlinks where indicated. We will also isolate and manufacture specialized chemicals that are not on the list below, and new molecular entities discovered during your research.

Generic Name Molecular Formula Molecular Weight Source
Adhyperforin C36H54O4 550.81 Hypericum perforatum
Adhyperforin DCHA C36H53O4•C12H24N 732.1 Hypericum perforatum
Betulin C30H50O2 442.74 Betula alba
Betulinic Acid C30H48O3 456.73 Betula alba
Bryostatin 1 C47H68O17 905.04 Bugula neritina
Bryostatin 2 C45H66O16 862.4 Bugula neritina
Bryostatin 3 C46H64O17 888.4 Bugula neritina
Camptothecin C20H16N2O4 348.35 Camptotheca acuminata
Carboxyatractyloside dipotassium salt (C-ATR) K2C31H44O18S2 847.0 Xanthium strumarium
Cephalomannine C45H53NO14 831.9 Taxus media "hicksii" or Taxus canadensis
Cyclopamine C27H41NO2 411.63 Veratrum californicum
Cycloposine C33H51NO7 573.76 Veratrum californicum
10-deacetylbaccatin III (10-DAB) C29H36O10 544.60 Taxus media "hicksii" or Taxus canadensis
9-dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III (9-DHAB) C33H42O12 630.69 Taxus canadensis
Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) C21H30O2 314.47 Cannabis sativa
Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (Δ9-THCA) C22H30O4 358.47 Cannabis sativa
Frondoside A C60H96NaO29S 1,336.4 Cucumaria frondosa
6-Gingerol C17H26O4 294.4 Zingiber officinale
8-Gingerol C19H30O4 322.4 Zingiber officinale
10-Gingerol C21H34O4 350.5 Zingiber officinale
Hypericin C30H16O8 504.43 Hypericum perforatum
Hyperforin C35H52O4 536.78 Hypericum perforatum
Hyperforin DCHA C35H52O4•C12H23N 718.10 Hypericum perforatum
Jervine C27H39NO3 425.6 Veratrum californicum
Methyllycaconitine citrate (MLA) C37H50N2O10•C6H8O7 874.9 Delphinium ajacis
C46H48N2O8 756.89 Ancistrocladus korupensis
Muldamine C29H47NO3 457.69 Veratrum californicum
Nobiletin C21H22O8 402.4 Citrus sinensis
Paclitaxel C47H51NO14 853.9 Taxus media "hicksii" or Taxus canadensis
Phloridzin dihydrate C21H24O10.2H2O 472.5 Apple wood
Sclareolide C10H18O2 170 Salvia sclarea
6-Shogaol C17H24O3 276.4 Zingiber officinale
Tangeretin C20H20O7 372.4 Citrus sinensis
Veratramine C27H39NO2 409.6 Veratrum californicum

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