An anti-mitotic product with potent anticancer activity

  • Catalog No: APH-92081
  • CAS Number: 33069-62-4
  • Chemical Formula: C47H51NO14
  • Molecular Weight: 853.9
  • Purity: > 99% determined by HPLC chromatographic scans
  • Appearance: White crystalline solid
  • Solubility: Soluble in Cremophor EL and organic solvents. Insoluble in water and aqueous buffers.
  • Stability: Samples stored at room temperature for 30 days showed no decomposition as indicated by UV absorption, TLC or HPLC.
  • Storage: 5°C
  • Shipping: Ambient
  • Handling: Avoid heat and exposure to direct sunlight.

Paclitaxel Paclitaxel-Structure sm Paclitaxel Paclitaxel-HPLC-Chromatogram sm


Paclitaxel American-Yew-CropAphios produces a natural paclitaxel from the needles or leaves of the American yew, Taxus media "hicksii," utilizing its patented SuperFluids™ CXP technology (US Patents). Aphios also produces paclitaxel from the needles or leaves of the wild Canadian yew, Taxus canadensis.

Biological Properties:

Paclitaxel has demonstrated a significant effectiveness against ovarian and breast cancers, and a number of other cancers in clinical trials.

Paclitaxel is an anti-mitotic agent that works by stabilizing microtubules and preventing unregulated cell mitosis or division.

Paclitaxel is also being used as an adjunct therapy with the new breed of genetically engineered drugs as exemplified with Genentech's Herceptin®. The adjunct use of paclitaxel significantly increased the therapeutic effectiveness of Herceptin®.

Paclitaxel has repeatedly demonstrated an additive or synergistic effect with other drugs. Paclitaxel and its relatives thus hold the promise to have widespread applicability to cancer and other non-tumorgenic diseases.

MSDS Sheet

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