Aphios Corporation has its administrative offices, laboratories and pilot plant facilities at 3-E Gill Street, Woburn, MA 01801, located about 12 miles from the center of Boston. The space is divided into office space, conference and library facilities, laboratory space and pilot plant manufacturing space. The facility operates with all of the required Federal, State and Local permits including a license to conduct DEA Schedule I research.

Major Physical Components

  1. Marine Microbiology Laboratory (Biohazard Safety Level-2 (BSL-2))
  2. Virology and Cell Biology Laboratory (BSL-3)
  3. Autoclave Room and General Chemistry Laboratory (BSL-2)
  4. Fermentation Laboratory (BSL-2)
  5. Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (BSL-2)
  6. Natural Product Chemistry Laboratory (current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP))
  7. Formulation Laboratory (cGMP)
  8. Final Fill Laboratory (cGMP)
  9. SuperFluids™ Extraction and Purification (CXP) Pilot Plant Area
  10. SuperFluids™ Solvent Storage
  11. Organic Solvent Storage Area
  12. -20°C Refrigerator Room
  13. Machine Shop and Equipment Assembly Area
  14. Raw Materials and General Storage Areas (Off-Site)

An in-house library and technical databases supply technical support for our research and development activities. In addition, we have direct access to scientific and technical databases to conduct computerized literature and patent searches, as well as access to other research databases via the Internet. We also have direct access to neighboring libraries at MIT and other leading educational and medical institutions in the area.

Laboratory Incubator Space

We provide laboratory incubator space and cGMP facilities for biotechnology startups and niche facilities such as Biohazard Level 3 laboratories for established companies on a short-term lease or use basis.

If you are interested in short-term fully equipped laboratory space, contact us by filling out the form below.

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