Intellectual Property

Aphios' intellectual property portfolio consists of 44 issued US and international patents, 12 provisional patents, several trademarks and know-how.

Our intellectual property portfolio includes a suite of patents on our drug discovery and manufacturing technologies, nanotechnology drug delivery technologies and pathogen and virus inactivation technologies as well as microbial cell disruption and crystallization technologies.

Our intellectual property also includes novel enhanced therapeutic products and nanotechnology formulations.

Partial List of Patents

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We have trademarks on our technologies and products, several of which are registered, including Aphios®, Natural Solutions for Human Health®, Taking Nature's Wisdom to a Higher Level®, Partnering for the Future of Human Health®, Inspired by Nature, Enabled by Science®, Zindol®, Taxosomes® and other pending marks.


We have established significant know-how on the isolation and manufacturing of natural products, the nanotechnology delivery of proteins, peptides and siRNA as well as hydrophobic anticancer compounds and the inactivation of viruses and other pathogens in human plasma, human plasma products and biologics including monoclonal antibodies over the last two decades.

We have also developed significant expertise and know-how in the design and construction of equipment for drug discovery and manufacturing, nanotechnology drug delivery and pathogenic drug safety, and in the manufacturing of research chemicals and active pharmaceuticals.

Intellectual Property Strategy

We continue to pursue a proactive intellectual property strategy with our internal research and development as well as in collaborations with strategic corporate partners.