Enabling Technology Platforms

Taking Nature's Wisdom to a Higher Level™

Using advanced scientific techniques, we are improving drug delivery, accelerating the drug discovery and manufacturing process, removing harmful pathogens from biologics and the human blood supply and working to provide a viable biofuel solution for the future.

Enabling-Technology-Platforms smOur enabling technology platforms are designed to improve the discovery and manufacturing of natural pharmaceuticals and quality-of-life medicines (dietary supplements), the delivery of poorly water-soluble anticancer compounds and biologics such as recombinant proteins and nucleic acids (siRNA), and the viral and pathogenic safety of human plasma, blood products and biologics such as monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and the pretreatment of cellulosic biomass for manufacturing biofuels and biochemicals.

Our enabling technology platforms are based on exploiting the physiochemical properties of near-critical, critical and supercritical fluids such as carbon dioxide with or without polar cosolvents such as ethanol [SuperFluids™ (SFS)].

When compressed, these fluids exhibit enhanced thermodynamic properties of penetration, selection, solvation and expansion. We manipulate these fluids on a cellular level to increase process selectivity and speed while reducing processing steps, toxic organic usage and manufacturing costs.

Products produced by these processes are quite "green" since they significantly reduce or eliminate the use of organic solvents and their environmental disposal.

These technologies also protect biologics such as therapeutic proteins and vaccine antigens from denaturation by organic solvents utilized in conventional processing, and positively impact human safety by eliminating or minimizing residual toxic organic solvents in final drug products.

Our enabling technology platforms include:

Utilizing these technology platforms, we are developing oncology drugs, anti-infectives, CNS disorder drugs and quality-of-life medicines or dietary supplements targeted to maintain health and wellness.

We will also partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to utilize these enabling technology platforms of drug discovery, manufacturing, delivery and safety to develop new and reformulated therapeutics.

We have also developed, and will make available enabling technology platforms for: